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I recently had some people ask me for some Bitcoin advise and resources. I compiled a list of some of the items I have used in the past and find the most informative.


Learning material: – Huge source of information regarding bitcoin from Jameson Lopp – What is a bitcoin fork? – Time until bitcoin is two times as hard to get, has a good explanation. Known as halvening. – Bankrate guide on investing responsibly


Exchanges I use: – What I mainly use, haven’t ever had an issue. Based in the US. – Support can take months to respond to issues, but based in the US. – Limited to BTC, ETH and LTC, but great for no fee entry using limit orders and ACH transfers. Based in UK, good support, though it can take some time for a response.


Wallets: – The one I store my bitcoin in on my computer, needs to be backed up/exported and stored safely. – great for a simple paper wallet, print the private key off, store it in a safe deposit box/safe. Multiple copies at least 60 miles apart for geographic redundancy. Good to have a tutorial with it so loved ones can access it in case of death etc. (Don’t tell your wife about crypto assets, they can be taken in divorce!) – Hardware wallet, kinda neat, water proof, open source. Still have to backup private keys to a piece of paper or somewhere safe.

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